Stuffing recipes: Two ideas

Stuffing recipes are a must for the holidays. Here are two stuffing recipes to get you started.

Three Many Cooks
Stuffing recipes are in high demand over the holidays. This is a sausage and bread stuffing with golden raisins.

Everyone has a favorite stuffing recipe. Perhaps it is Grandma's sage and apple stuffing recipe written down on a tattered and stained card, or maybe you prefer a sleek herbed oyster stuffing recipe stylishly presented in a gourmet cookbook. If your family argues over whether yams should be unadorned or candied, agonizes if a 15 lb. or a 19 lb. bird will be enough – stuffing persists as a peacemaker. Humble and off to the side it is everyone's secret favorite component of our American traditional meals. Of course not many openly admit that stuffing is their No. 1 dish on the holiday table, which is exactly why it is always the first dish to run out.

Thus has emerged the under acknowledged American tradition of making an "additional batch of stuffing on the side." Because those bird cavities, even the 19-pounders, don't hold much. (And heaven forbid if a lack of everyone's favorite dish adds additional tension to the gathering.)

Two of our Stir It Up! bloggers have stuffing recipes to get you started in the run-up to the holidays. Since we are still a couple of weeks away, you could make these stuffing recipes now entirely for yourself. That way, when the holidays roll through you'll feel like you've had your stuffing. And then you can graciously offer up the last scoop to your second cousin or your quirky uncle and everyone will be amazed at how easily you embody the holiday spirit of grace and generosity. It's that easy.

Sharon Anderson who blogs at Three Many Cooks, says "Pretty much anything on Thanksgiving that annexes precious gastro-territory (that would otherwise be devoted to stuffing) is not worth my time." Read her essay on the topic here. Sharon's favorite stuffing recipe is Sausage and Bread Stuffing with Golden Raisins.

Our vegan blogger, Samantha Mills who blogs at Novel Eats, acknowledges the holidays can be problematic for those who do not eat meat. "The hosts usually mean well, but often there’s not much to be had for vegans at a typical Thanksgiving gathering," she says. Samantha offers up Vegan 'Sausage' Stuffing.

Be sure to stop by Stir It Up! over the coming weeks. Our team of bloggers will be sharing their favorite holiday meal recipes. And if you have a favorite stuffing recipe, please feel free to share it in the comments below.

Kendra Nordin blogs at Kitchen Report.

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