Decadent recipes for chocolate desserts

From classics such as chewy chocolate chip cookies and chocolate cake with buttercream frosting, to crazy candy creations such as Peanut Butter Cup and Snickers crunch brownies; whatever your guilty pleasure, we've got you covered with more than 50 chocolate recipes.

Avocado chocolate pudding

Pickles and Tea
This no-cook avocado chocolate pudding uses only four ingredients.

By Patricia TanumihardjaThe Asian Grandmothers Cookbook
Makes 4 (1/2 cup) servings

For me, this avocado chocolate pudding is a wonderful update to a traditional Indonesian avocado drink (es alpukat). Thick and creamy, it has the consistency of a true-blue chocolate pudding with the flavors of my childhood. The cocoa powder almost masks the avocado (which I think may be the point). But if you prefer more avocado flavor, use less cocoa powder.  Another variation: add a teaspoon of instant coffee powder. This avocado chocolate pudding is very rich and indulgent and a little will go a long way to satisfying the sweetest of sweet tooths.

2 large ripe Hass avocados, halved and pitted
1/2 cup sweetened condensed milk
1/4 cup whole milk (and more as needed)
1/3 cup cocoa powder

1. Scoop the avocado flesh from the peel with a spoon and pop into a blender (or a food processor, or a Vitamix). Add the condensed milk, whole milk and cocoa powder and process until completely smooth, scraping down the sides of the jug as needed. Add a little more whole milk if the mixture has trouble coming together. Keep going until you don’t see any more avocado bits, a total of about 2 minutes. Taste and add more cocoa powder or condensed milk if desired, and process until smooth. If the pudding is still lumpy (or if you’re a perfectionist), press it through a fine-mesh strainer.

2. If you can resist, transfer the pudding to a container with a tight lid, cover and chill for 1 hour. When ready to serve, stir it up, spoon into bowls or cups and enjoy! The pudding will keep in the refrigerator for 3 days.

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