McDonald's secret sauce for Big Mac revealed

McDonald's secret sauce recipe was revealed in a video by a McDonald's chef on Canadian YouTube. Chef Dan Coudreaut shows how to make the entire Big Mac, complete with McDonald's secret sauce, which isn't so secret anymore.

At last, McDonald's 'secret' special sauce aficionados can satisfy that craving in their own kitchens.

A video by McDonald’s executive chef, Dan Coudreaut, provides a lesson on how to make a Big Mac at home with ingredients from the grocery store.

When it comes to the special sauce section, Chef Coudreaut shows how it comes together step by step.

The sauce includes three base ingredients, mayonnaise, yellow mustard, and sweet relish. Then a small amount of white wine vinegar, garlic powder, onion powder, and paprika are added to it, and the whole thing is whisked together.

Granted the exact amounts aren't given, but you can may an educated guess with the video.

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While copycat recipes of the special sauce exist online, the video puts all speculation to rest, and discounts one big myth about the sauce; that it contains French, or Thousand Island dressing. As Coudreaut explains, the color comes from the paprika. 

The video, posted on McDonald’s Canadian YouTube channel, also includes other insider secrets, like the fact that each piece of the signature sesame seed bun has a specific name, the heel, the club, and the crown.

Coudreaut even seasons the all-beef patties the same way they do in the restaurants, with just a dash of salt and pepper as they cook.

While burger buffs can now opt to make the triple-decker sandwich themselves, the Big Mac probably won’t be moving from McDonald’s menu any time soon. Since it was introduced in 1967, McDonald’s estimates that about 47 billion Big Macs have been sold worldwide, with 17 sold per second in the US alone.

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