Lasagna bake-off: Italian traditional vs. simple and quick

Do you relish 'slow food' cooked with fresh local ingredients, or is cooking, to you, simply the most inconvenient part of eating? Read on.

Joanne Ciccarello - staff

For some there's nothing better than a day spent in the kitchen creating a tasty masterpiece. For others, cooking is simply the most inconvenient part of eating. We found both attitudes represented here at the Monitor. One photo editor savors the process and cherishes the family traditions associated with preparing a lasagna with homemade "gravy," or sauce. A feature editor, meanwhile, says that what he likes most about his lasagna recipe is its no-frills approach. We persuaded them to take part in a bake-off and taste test. The surprise winner: Quick and easy.

So whether you're a hard-core "foodie" or you're just looking for an easy, quick dinner, here are two paths to a well-loved dish.

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