Malia Obama spotted enjoying regular teen life at Lollapalooza

Malia Obama attended Lollapalooza this weekend, much to the surprise of other concertgoers. The first daughter enjoyed a little summer fun like other teens away from her official presidential parents.

Screenshot from @cleaaaaver on Twitter
Malia Obama and Twitter user Sarah shared a moment at Chance the Rapper's set at Lollapalooza over the weekend.

The latest round of “celebrities, they’re just like us” features the tale of 16-year-old Malia Obama hitting the Chicagoland summer music festival Lollapalooza over the weekend. 

According to reports, the White House wasn’t confirming her attendance, but social media posts – not to mention a wall of Secret Service agents on site – served as proof of the first daughter’s attendance. One teen on Twitter posted a photo next to Malia: 

According to witnesses and reports, the first daughter handled herself well and was polite, even as others started to clamor for a glimpse of her enjoying both Lorde and Chance the Rapper’s sets at the festival. Chance the Rapper is also a native of the South Side Chicago like President Obama.

Thankfully with a federal security escort, Michelle and Barack Obama didn't need to fret about who was going to key an eye on their daughter at the concert, or how to handle tricky subjects that might come up, like drug use or navigating the city safely. I know my first "security detail" at a concert was a miserable dad hunkered down in a seat listening to a deafening din of screaming teens while my friend and I battled over a pair of binoculars to watch New Kids on the Block from the nosebleed section. 

If regular parents wants to create a personalized concert security detail for their own non-presidential offspring, they might consider sending a cool aunt or uncle or perhaps a sibling in college to keep an eye on their teen in the crowd without causing too much of an affront to their independence.

Malia, who celebrated her milestone birthday in July, is far from the first teen to live in the White House, including many presidents in recent history. Jenna and Barbara Bush, Chelsea Clinton, Amy Carter, Susan Ford, and Luci and Lynda Johnson all enjoyed some teen time while their father's were in office.

And few can forget the trials of Zoey Bartlet, the fictional first daughter in the White House prime time drama "The West Wing" that featured her first years in college, and a budding romance with the president's aide Charlie, as some of the major plot points of the first season. The show gave viewers more of a glimpse into what life in the White House could be like, even if it was scripted. 

When it comes to real life, recent reports highlight Obama getting weepy when talking about Malia heading to college, although that milestone is still two years away. For now, I am sure the First Father is happy to have her busy with other teen adventures to keep her attention until her high school graduation in 2016.

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