David Beckham teams up with foul-mouthed chef Gordon Ramsay

David Beckham has announced plans to open a pie and mash restaurant chain with foul-mouthed chef Gordon Ramsay, disappointing this mom and her Beckham fan family.

AP Photo/Wong Maye-E
David Beckham has teamed up with Chef Gordon Ramsey to launch a pie and mash restaurant chain. Here David Beckham greets media and youth in Singapore at the Marina Bay Sands, July 7, 2013.

When soccer legend David Beckham, often called the “ultimate role model for kids,” decided to back a string of pie and mash cafes he made the distasteful choice of setting a bad example for young fans by teaming with a foul-mouthed bully chef Gordon RamsayPie and mash is an East London classic that originated with dock workers and consists of a meat pie, mashed potatoes and eel sauce.

As parents we love Mr. Beckham, Mr. Ramsay, however, is a parent’s worst nightmare for his constant swearing, brutal berating of those he works with on various TV shows, and generally bad attitude.

I marvel that a man who has done so much good by saving failing restaurants via the show Kitchen Nightmares, can be so widely reviled. Today I marvel again that Beckham is so drawn to this sort of person.

According to the Irish Independent, “The ex-footballer is said to be plotting a worldwide pie and mash takeover with foul-mouthed Gordon.”

In 2010 Beckham and Ramsay registered the name PM - which stands for Pie & Mash - under their joint initials DBGR with the Intellectual Property Office, according to the London Sun.

At last, my husband and I have found common parenting ground. Hubby and I are always on different frequencies, he’s the drill sergeant and I’m the persuader.  

This issue is likely to unite the kids as well and all it took was a soccer icon putting on a Ramsay uniform.

A month ago when my husband, who works for a newspaper in Virginia was scanning the news feed and ran across a video of Ramsay exhibiting his usual swear fare he brought it to my attention.

“The kids are never to watch this man,” he said in his no-nonsense-this-is-final voice. “Who behaves like this? What kind of person would allow this man to behave this way?”

The answers is that raw mean sells faster than school supplies in August.

I told my husband we already had the No Ramsey Rule after they boys and I caught an episode that became too maddening to watch for two of my teens because, as Avery, 14, pointed out at the time, “There are just too many bleeps to make sense of what he’s saying to anyone.”

Therefore the reaction to Beckham partnering with none other than Ramsay was predictable at our house.

Quin, 9, aptly put it, “This is not Metroman joining forces with Megamind, it’s like Dr. Who being BFFs with a Dalek. It’s just wrong.”

The Beckham-Ramsey restaurants are said to be a “global” pursuit, according to The Irish Independent. I can promise you that we will not be dining there because mean leaves a bad taste in our mouths. Nobody can bend us on this one, not even Beckham.

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