Baby elephant in pool: What is Belle's name short for?

Baby elephant in pool – put that into Google and you'll find a throng of videos of Belle, Forth Worth Zoo's newest Asian elephant, playing in a blow up kiddie pool. It's adorable. Just hit play. 

Baby elephant Belle splashing in a pool is the animal-lover's newest Internet sensation. Who is she?

Belle is a 31-day-old female Asian elephant calf born at the Fort Worth Zoo in Fort Worth, Texas. Her name is short for Bluebell, a Texas wildflower. 

She is only the second Asian elephant birth in the zoo's 104-year history. Belle's mother is 40-year-old Rasha and her father, currently on loan to the Denver Zoo, is 43-year-old Groucho. Elephants gestate for 22-months. 

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Bluebonnet, the zoo's first Asian elephant calf, was born in 1998. 

Asian elephants have been on the endangered species list in 1976. 


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