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Twins rubber bands video: Two babies have the best time ever

Twins rubber bands: This video will go down in Internet history as the cutest video to go viral since the last cutest video. Sure, we may forget all about the twins and their rubber bands by tomorrow, but lets enjoy it today. 

Screenshot YouTube
If you give twins rubber bands, they're going to have a really good time.

This video of twins playing with rubber bands has been stretching across the Internet the past few days, so why haven't we at Modern Parenthood posted it yet? To be honest, we've been too busy geeking out to the twins and their rubber bands to actually do something productive.

With the video finally paused, no easy feat considering the psychological tug of a baby's laugh, not to mention the laughter of two babies, we're ready to do our job. 

This is clearly the most infectiously funny video since the 2008 four laughing babies video which has more than 3.6 million views.

So just what is this video? Simple explanation: twins plus rubber bands equals laughter. Explanation with a Les Miserables paraphrase: To watch these little laughing persons is to see the face of God. 

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