Kevin Grow plays for 76ers, and now the Harlem Globetrotters

Kevin Grow, a high school senior diagnosed with Down syndrome became an Internet sensation with his 3-point shooting. Now he's got a contract with the Harlem Globetrotters.

Kevin Grow, a high school senior with Down syndrome who became an Internet hit earlier this month with his 3-point shooting, will play next month for the Harlem Globetrotters.

Grow will suit up for the Globetrotters in the fourth quarter of their March 9 game in Philadelphia. Grow, a devout Globetrotters fan from suburban Philadelphia, was added to the roster Tuesday as their 3-point specialist.

He signed a ceremonial two-day contract last week with the Philadelphia 76ers. He took part in pregame activities, and received a jersey.

As tells it, Grow was diagnosed with Down syndrome, and served as the manager of the Bensalem boys basketball team for the last four seasons. But that all changed earlier this month.

"When he entered Saturday’s game against Neshaminy, it was his second game ever. The first had come one night earlier, when he scored a layup and hit one free throw against Abington, finishing with three points. With two minutes left in the game on Senior Night, Bensalem head coach John Mullin called Kevin’s number. What happened next was remarkable.

Grow hit four three-pointers in the final two minutes of the game, igniting the crowd and lifting Bensalem to a 64-40 win over Neshaminy. The whole thing was caught on film, and within hours, it’d gone viral."

Kevin's sister said that the opportunity to play with the 76ers was a dream come true.

"By far, Kevin's favorite team is the Sixers, and he was so excited just to be able to come down here and see practice," said his sister Laura. "But to be a part of the team, and when we got downstairs to see all the media there, it was even more of a surprise. This whole thing's just taken a mind of its own, and it's just such a neat experience."

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