How well do you know your family sitcoms?

No matter what you call it, "the telly," "the boob tube," "the idiot box," or simply "the TV," the television has played a major role in American households for over half a century. Through the magic of television, families have had front row seats to moon landings, presidential inaugurations, royal weddings, and Olympic competitions. And thanks to the situation comedy, families have been able to poke a bit of fun at family life through the adventures of TV families.

Over the years, the family sitcom has proven to be the great equalizer and has consistently been able to bring parents and children together to share a brief half hour of laughter. Those fictional families have become part of our cultural heritage, and thanks to the reissuing of sitcoms of decades past on DVD, today's parents can share their favorite childhood programs with their own children. But first, let's see just how well you know your sitcom families.

1. The Simpsons

"The Simpsons" is the longest running sitcom, animated show, and scripted prime-time series in history, though the characters haven't aged a day since their 1987 debut. The family dog has been at the family's side through more than 500 episodes. Where did the Simpsons find Santa’s Little Helper?

Waiting on death row at the Springfield Animal Rescue League

Slinking around behind the racetrack

Hanging around the Springfield Retirement Castle

Begging for food outside the Burns mansion

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