Top 10 family stories of 2013

As we are bombarded with New Year’s retrospectives of the top stories of 2013, it’s reassuring to know stories from the Modern Parenthood blog that drew the most page views for this year were led by tales of science and faith, ranging from the 100th  anniversary of paleoanthropologist mom Mary Leakey to the History Channel making Satan look an awful lot like the president and other quirky moments.

While Modern Parenthood covered all manner of topics from Disney princesses to Duck Dynasty (pre-and post-flap), and even Miley Cyrus on a wrecking ball, readers ultimately gravitated most to Ms. Leakey’s non-traditional, non-helicopter parenting and the issue of how to present faith to our kids.

In case you missed them, here's an encore performance of Modern Parenthood's top ten most-viewed stories. Click through to the end for a bonus track with the top 10 editors' picks for 2013.

1. Mary Leakey 100th birthday: A son on her adventuresome parenting

Courtesy of The Leakey Foundation
Mary Leakey 100th birthday: Celebrated with a Google Doodle today, the famed paleontologist did not slow down her work to parent. She brought her three sons to the dig site as babies.

The most captivating topic of the year was about the adventurous parenting style of Mary Leakey, who passed on her love of archaeology and anthropology to her children. 

“Mother gave us every freedom to learn by experience as early as I can remember,” says Leakey’s youngest son, Philip, 64, who now lives in Kenya and responded to questions for the blog via e-mail.

Today, the mother of paleoanthropology’s sons still tread in her footsteps.

Philip Leakey, his wife, and others run The Leakey Collection, which is taking her work to the next level by helping moms in Kenya and the Maasai tribe to make a sustainable living by selling their hand-crafts online.

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