Top Five Christmas 2013 Family Memories

Christmas 2013 has presented a lot of family-friendly moments to remember, full of ugly sweaters, pleasantly awkward family photos, elves on shelves, and more. Here's a list of our favorite Christmas moments from the year, fun to share with the entire family.

1. Elf on the Shelf

This photo shows "The Elf on the Shelf: A Christmas Tradition," which includes a picture book and a stuffed, felt elf that has to be moved stealthily every night, traditionally from Thanksgiving until Christmas Eve. After eight years on the market, more than 6 million of the kits, book and elf, have been sold.

A day hardly goes by when Facebook news feeds don't include updates from families' "elf on a shelf" – including images of elves wearing sweatbands running through miniature finish line tapes, elves sitting in bathrooms, and elves playing with Legos, among others. 

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