Condoms to be handed out at Brooklyn high school prom

Condoms will be handed out at Brooklyn high school prom, according to school officials who notified parents this week. The school also plans a safe-sex program in the weeks leading up to the dance.

Brandon Wade/AP Images for AIDS Healthcare Foundation
A Brooklyn high school will hand out condoms at prom this year, part of an ongoing effort to promote safe sex. In this photograph taken for AIDS Healthcare Foundation, attendees of the Condom Nation Dallas-Fort Worth Dub Show and Concert grab handfuls of free condoms provided by the AIDS Healthcare Foundation, AHF, on May 20, 2012, in Dallas.

A Brooklyn high school plans to distribute condoms to students leaving their prom.

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Bedford-Stuyvesant Preparatory High School has notified parents that it will hand out the condoms on June 7.

NBC New York says a Long Island based manufacturer has offered free condoms to high school proms across the state. But the company says Bedford-Stuyvesant Prep is the only one to accept the offer so far.

The school also plans a safer-sex program for students in the weeks leading up to prom.

The Department of Education permits schools to distribute condoms. But it's usually done in the nurse's office.

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