'Hamilton' cast to appear at White House and before crowds of schoolchildren

Cast members from the smash Broadway musical 'Hamilton' will perform songs and talk with students at the White House. In New York, school matinees will bring the show to schoolchildren starting next month.

Joan Marcus/The Public Theater/AP/File
Lin-Manuel Miranda (center) performs with the cast of 'Hamilton' in New York City.

“Hamilton” is coming to the White House. 

Cast members from the smash hit will head to DC to perform some musical numbers from “Hamilton” and talk with students. Lin-Manuel Miranda, who composed, wrote, and stars in the show, will be among the participants in the student workshop hosted by first lady Michelle Obama. 

“Hamilton” cast members will also discuss working in theater and answer questions from the students.

The musical debuted on Broadway this past August and quickly became a sensation. It tells the story of founding father Alexander Hamilton through musical styles including rap and hip-hop and has been incredibly well-received by critics. It’s expected to make a strong showing when Tony Award nominations are announced next month.

Last year, those behind “Hamilton” announced plans to bring the show and its story to schoolchildren. (It is based on American history, after all.) Beginning next month, 20,000 students attending public schools in New York City will get the chance to attend various school matinees. Tickets will be $10 each, thanks to underwriting from the Rockefeller Foundation, the New York City Department of Education, and the Gilder Lehrman Institute of American History. 

Along with the matinees, the new outreach program will bring “Hamilton” into schools themselves, to contribute to history classes, school theater programs, and more. 

“I can draw a very direct line between the first show I ever saw and standing on this stage right now,” Mr. Miranda said when the program was announced, according to Variety. 

Victoria Bailey, executive director of the Theater Development Fund, told the New York Times that she was impressed by the idea.

“I can’t think of another Broadway production that has taken on an effort of this size and scale,” Ms. Bailey said.

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