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'Turn': The Revolutionary War spy drama comes back for season 2

'Turn' stars actor Jamie Bell as a farmer who becomes part of a spy ring. According to the show's executive producer, the new season will include characters like Benedict Arnold.

Paul Morigi/Invision for AMC/AP
'Turn' actor Jamie Bell (l.) and executive producer Craig Silverstein (r.) participate in a panel discussion following the premiere of AMC's new series 'Turn' in 2014.

Revolutionary War spies are returning (no pun intended) to AMC.

The second season of the drama “Turn” debuts on the channel on April 13 and will continue the story of the secret operatives who helped George Washington defeat the British. The show stars “Snowpiercer” actor Jamie Bell as Abraham Woodhull, a farmer who becomes part of the group, and the series also stars actor Ian Kahn as Washington while Kevin R. McNally of the “Pirates of the Caribbean” films portrays Abraham’s father.

Any show airing on AMC will make a pop culture fan sit up and take notice, as the channel is home to such acclaimed series as “Mad Men,” “Breaking Bad,” and “The Walking Dead.” Vulture writer Gwynne Watkins noted upon the show’s debut that “Turn” is “slow-burning.” 

“We have to establish a war, which side people are on – there's a lot to lay down,” Bell told Vulture at the time. “But I think the quality in this show is in the gray areas, the fact that the spies were kids together and they turned against their families and their occupiers. I think that’s where the show succeeds. We just need a bit of time to get there.” 

But according to executive producer Craig Silverstein, viewers will recognize even more historical characters in season two. Benedict Arnold and Peggy Shippen, who became Arnold’s wife, will both make appearances during the new episodes, Silverstein told Entertainment Weekly

“There’s Arnold, who just takes everything so personally,” he said. “That character trait is really what leads to the beginning of his fall… [Peggy] was, on the surface, kind of the Paris Hilton of her age: a very rich father, a skilled socialite. It was really just a facade. Beneath that, there was a lot of cunning. So we see both sides of Peggy.” 

In addition, the time during which the new season will take place isn’t a good one for one famous general, Silverstein said. 

“It’s a low point for Washington because he failed to protect the city,” he said. “He’s always had rivals and detractors, and that’s just ammo for them and fuel for their fire. So he’s beset on all sides, and his leadership is in question. And really, 1777 to ‘78 really was kind of the worst time for him. There were multiple cabals against him, and even some assassination plots – from his own side – and we get into that… There’s a lot more spycraft and gadgets this year.”

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