Spider-Man: Are these actors being considered to take on the role?

The studio behind the 'Spider-Man' movies reportedly already has some actors in mind for the role of Peter Parker. It was recently announced that Spider-Man will appear in at least one Marvel movie and some outlets are reporting that 'Spider-Man' actor Andrew Garfield will not return for the next film.

Melissa Moseley/Columbia Pictures/AP
The 'Spider-Man' films previously starred Tobey Maguire.

Does the studio behind "Spider-Man" already have actors in mind to take on the role of the hero? 

According to TheWrap and the Hollywood Reporter, actor Andrew Garfield, who portrayed the superhero most recently in “The Amazing Spider-Man” and “The Amazing Spider-Man 2,” will not be reprising the role when Spider-Man appears in a Marvel film. It has not yet been officially confirmed that Garfield will not be returning.

However, Variety is now citing “sources with knowledge of the studio [Sony]’s plans” in reporting that Sony already has some other actors in mind. 

According to Variety writer Marc Graser, Sony is interested in multiple actors for the role and those that the studio is looking at include Logan Lerman of “Fury” and Dylan O’Brien of “The Maze Runner.” However, the studio has not yet reached out to the actors. 

It was recently announced that Spider-Man will be appearing in an unnamed Marvel movie. As comic book fans know, the web slinger is officially a Marvel character, but Marvel sold the rights to Sony in the ‘90s before the studio became the box office topper we know today. 

According to Marvel, Spider-Man will appear in one Marvel movie, then his own Sony movie in 2017. After that, Marvel’s Kevin Feige and Amy Pascal of Sony “will collaborate on a new creative direction for the web slinger,” according to Marvel.

Upcoming Marvel movies include a third “Captain America” installment which is titled “Captain America: Civil War” and the Wall Street Journal reports that that Marvel film will include Spider-Man. Comic book fans know that Spider-Man played an important role in the Civil War comic book storyline. 

Before Garfield, “The Great Gatsby” actor Tobey Maguire starred as Peter Parker in three “Spider-Man” films, with the first “Spider-Man” film debuting in 2002. “Spider-Man 2,” which starred Maguire as well as Alfred Molina as the villain Doc Ock, was a success, but the third installment with Maguire, “Spider-Man 3,” was not well-received.

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