'Firefly Online' will feature the return of the TV show's original cast members

'Firefly Online,' an upcoming online multiplayer game, will reportedly include the voices of the cast members of the original TV show. Fans can register for 'Firefly Online' now.

Fans of the canceled Fox science fiction TV series “Firefly,” your favorite cast is reuniting.

The original “Firefly” ensemble will be back together for an online “Firefly” video game that will find the actors reprising their roles (and some more than that – according to the website io9 – actor Alan Tudyk, who has starred in multiple Disney animated films, is playing more than one part).

According to PC Gamer, the project will be titled “Firefly Online” and will be an MMO, or massive multiplayer online game. In addition to the crew of the Serenity, the ship on which the “Firefly” characters live, appearing in the game, actor Michael Fairman will lend his voice as well, presumably reprising the role of criminal Adelai Niska, whom he played on “Firefly.” In the game, the player is a ship captain and works to get a crew and carry out tasks while also having the opportunity to explore other planets.

The game will be available for mobile devices, Macs, and PCs, according to PC Gamer. 

"Firefly Online" is currently billed as "coming soon," according to the Hollywood Reporter, but users can register at the game’s site.

The new trailer gives a peek into the game and also includes a cameo from what will be a very familiar face to “Firefly” fans – check out the full clip.

“Firefly” was created by “The Avengers” director Joss Whedon and debuted on Fox in 2002. Only 14 episodes were filmed (some aired after the show was canceled in 2002). However, a movie titled “Serenity,” directed by Whedon and featuring the original cast, including Nathan Fillion, Gina Torres, Tudyk, and Summer Glau, was released in 2005.

Tudyk’s voice work since starring in “Serenity” includes playing characters in the 2012 movie “Wreck-It Ralph” and the 2013 movie “Frozen.” He is also lending his voice to the upcoming Disney movie “Big Hero 6,” which is set to be released this November.

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