New Batmobile: 'Batman vs. Superman' director Zack Snyder offers a sneak peek

Fans got a glimpse at the new Batmobile in an image tweeted by 'Batman vs. Superman' director Zack Snyder. Snyder tweeted of the new Batmobile, 'Could be time to pull the tarp... Tomorrow?'

Eric Charbonneau/Invision/AP
New Batmobile: 'Batman vs. Superman' director Zack Snyder (pictured, r., with 'Batman vs. Superman' star Henry Cavill, l.) recently tweeted a photo of what appeared to be Batman's new transportation.

Forget rumors of Matt Damon playing Aquaman or a fast-tracked release date for the now-confirmed Justice League movie for a moment and let’s look at what’s real. Batman vs. Superman, the followup to Man of Steel, is beginning to shoot soon. And in it, Ben Affleck’s Batman is getting a brand new Batmobile design.

With all of the buzz surrounding Batman vs. Superman focused on release dates and casting rumors, little attention has been spent on one of the most iconic vehicles of all-time. In Tim Burton’s original Batman films, Michael Keaton’s Bruce Wayne had a comic book inspired, curvy long-form signature car. It was inspired by ’30s Salt Flat Racers and ’50s Sting Rays, augmented with jet and military hardware. It was awesome for its time. Skip forward a decade and a half to Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight trilogy and Christian Bale’s caped crusader was given a much beefier machine, more tank than car. It also was awesome for its time.

For Batman vs. Superman, the new Batmobile seems to blend elements from both – at least from the limited view teased this morning by director Zack Snyder:

Note the vertical wing tips up top, similar to Keaton’s ride; the jet booster in the rear center; the wide-set wheels from the Tumbler and the general length of the car. It’s clearly a longer, more aerodynamic vehicle but we can’t tell if the cockpit is designed for a single user or if there’s room for a passenger. Tomorrow we may find out if Snyder’s truly hinting at taking the tarp off.

For weeks and weeks, we’ve heard word that Snyder and co. may reveal costume images of this version of Batman but that has yet to come true. Perhaps Snyder is taking a page from Marc Webb and Bryan Singer’s social media strategy where throughout the productions of The Amazing Spider-Man 2 and X-Men: Days of Future Past, respectively, they used Twitter to reveal characters, designs and behind-the-scenes looks into the production. If we’re getting the new Batman car now, it won’t be long before we get the new Batman suit.

Rob Keyes blogs at Screen Rant.

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