Alyson Hannigan will reportedly star in a new CBS comedy

Alyson Hannigan will reportedly star in the CBS comedy 'More Time with Family,' which, if it's picked up, would most likely premiere this fall. Alyson Hannigan's sitcom 'How I Met Your Mother' is ending next week.

Jordan Strauss/Invision/AP
Alyson Hannigan has reportedly signed on to star in the CBS comedy 'More Time with Family.'

With How I Met Your Mother’s almost decade-long run about to come to a close, Alyson Hannigan isn’t wasting any time in securing her next small screen gig. The soon to be former Lily Aldrin has just signed on to play the female lead in a high profile comedy pilot from Ben Affleck and Matt Damon’s Pearl Street Films.

The comedy, titled More Time with Family, was given a production commitment by CBS back in October, with a formal pilot order being granted in January. Family is a multi-camera sitcom about an overworked husband and father that makes a drastic career change in order to avoid missing out on any more family milestones. Stand-up comedian Tom Papa penned the project, and will also play lead character Tom Rizzo.

Hannigan is now set to play Tom’s wife Cindy, a drill-sergeant like taskmaster who seemingly possesses limitless energy, always has time for her kids, and never fails to make sure her house is in order. Cindy’s clockwork routine is disrupted by Tom’s decision to spend more time at home, and it’s up to her to guide her husband in the ways of running a family and taking care of their kids.

With the Affleck/Damon team behind it, More Time with Family has been considered one of CBS’ hottest comedy prospects since it was first announced and is presumed to be a lock for an eventual series order. Adding a seasoned pro like Hannigan to the mix is a wise move, one that goes a long way toward cementing Family’s status as a success.

Between her early work on Buffy the Vampire Slayer and her successful tenure on HIMYM, Hannigan has been a steady prime time presence for over 15 years. People know what to expect from her, and the fact that she’s attached to More Time with Family is almost guaranteed to lure people in that wouldn’t have watched a Tom Papa sitcom.

Speaking of Papa, More Time with Family has the potential to finally turn him into a major star. The 45-year-old comic has spent the past two decades skirting the edges of mainstream stardom, while steadily building up his credibility in the world of comedy.

The man has fronted multiple stand-up specials, he’s been a mainstay on various late night programs, and he even hosted his own satellite radio show, but he still hasn’t had that one big star-making moment. Will More Time with Family finally be the project that sends Papa into the big leagues? Only time will tell.

Michael Kennedy blogs at Screen Rant.

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