'Two and a Half Men' lady: The CBS comedy may be adding a female cast member

The 'Two and a Half Men' lady in question would be former cast member Charlie Sheen's daughter. The character has not been cast yet.

Jeffrey R. Stabb/CBS Entertainment/AP
A 'Two and a Half' lady cast member will be added to the show, and the character will be the daughter of the character formerly played by actor Charlie Sheen.

It’s been two seasons since Charlie Sheen’s Charlie Harper character left Two and a Half Men, and while the show has effectively moved on – plugging Ashton Kutcher into the lead role while continuing to perform in the ratings – Chuck Lorre and company now find themselves in a somewhat familiar situation with Angus T. Jones leaving the show, or at least, lessening his presence.

So, what’s a 10 year old sitcom to do when it loses another one of its three original stars? Well, first they thank their stars that Jon Cryer is as durable as a cockroach in a nuclear war and immune to the allure of a viral video breakdown, and then they go on the lookout for a new cast member – a female cast member who will play Charlie Harper’s grown up secret-sin-baby.

So, which actress will get this plum gig? Unfortunately, we have no idea right now, but with regard to her origins, Deadline reports that:

The girl, in her late teens or early 20s, shows up on Walden Schmidt’s (Ashton Kutcher) doorstep searching for her father. She claims to be a daughter of the house’s previous owner, recently departed perennial bachelor Charlie Harper (Charlie Sheen). I hear the girl will eventually move in with Walden and her uncle Alan Harper (Jon Cryer).

With Charlie Harper’s penchant for carousing, this development can’t come as a huge surprise. The show even played around with this scenario in the season 6 premiere, “Taterhead is our Love Child” when Rena Sofer appeared as one of Charlie’s many, many ex-flames, brandishing an 8 year old to try and get money out of Harper. This time, though, the writers are obviously choosing to commit a bit more, but the question is, how will they do it?

Will she act like or be made to resemble Charlie Sheen’s character? Is she going to court Walden and/or lovingly pick on Alan? How about this: now that there are two guys and a girl, are we destined to see a Pizza Place? Maybe there will be no real change at all and the successful status-quo will remain.

Sadly, we won’t know the answer to these questions until next season, but it’s fun to speculate and wonder in which ways this new character will be utilized to try and kickstart a show that may or not need it.

Jason Tabrys blogs at Screen Rant.

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