Rachel Bilson drops by 'How I Met Your Mother' and offers an important clue for viewers

Rachel Bilson reprised her role on 'How I Met Your Mother' as Cindy, a woman with an important connection to the person that protagonist Ted eventually marries. Bilson currently stars on the TV show 'Hart of Dixie.'

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Rachel Bilson reprised her guest role on 'How I Met Your Mother' as Cindy, a woman the main character, Ted, briefly dated.

The newest episode of the CBS sitcomHow I Met Your Mother” featured a guest turn by actress Rachel Bilson, who appeared at the end of the episode to offer an important clue about the identity of the titular mother.

The central mystery of the show has long been who narrator Ted ends up marrying – the show is structured as if Ted is telling the story to his children many years in the future. In the past, audience members had learned that the woman that becomes the mother of Ted’s children was at one point the roommate of Rachel Bilson’s character Cindy.

At the end of the newest episode, Ted (Josh Radnor) was on the subway and complaining to Cindy that the band for his friends’ wedding had fallen through and they needed someone immediately.

“Do you believe in destiny?” Cindy’s wife asked immediately.

Cindy told Ted that her former roommate was the bass player for a wedding band that would happily play for free. The show then cut to Ted at his friends Robin and Barney’s wedding, looking at the band playing, while narrator Bob Saget, who voices Ted when he is older, said that the wedding was where he had met his wife.

Bilson first guest starred on the show as a woman who briefly dated Ted and last appeared during its sixth season, when Cindy and Ted ran into each other and Cindy told Ted there were no hard feelings between them. Bilson currently stars on the CW show “Hart of Dixie.”

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