'Dexter' stars preview the new season

'Dexter' actors Michael C. Hall, Jennifer Carpenter, and others discuss their upcoming season.

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    'Dexter' stars Michael C. Hall (l.) and Jennifer Carpenter (r.) discussed the upcoming season during a TCA panel.
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3:14PM: “I have been looking forward to it, very curious as to how they would write it, yet also terrified about it,” Jennifer Carpenter says in response to an opening salvo from a reporter asking for her gut reaction to Deb finding out about Dexter’s extra-curricular activities at the end of last season.

3:16PM: Sad But True: Dexter coming out as a serial killer does make an endgame for the series a little more palpable and imminent. At least according to star Michael C. Hall who elaborates, “I think the plan is to do this season and a final eight season and really tell the story of the two of them negotiating their relationship in this new landscape. That much time feels about right.”

3:17:PM “This is without a doubt the most fundamentally game changing development as we’ve had since we’ve started telling this story,” explains Hall. “It has been so invigorating to play these scenes and to be preoccupied in ways that Dexter has never been. In a show’s seventh season no less, it’s pretty remarkable.”

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3:18PM: Jennifer Carpenter believes that dropping her script and swearing in the middle of her audition is what won her the part of Deb!

3:19PM: “I play Hannah McKay, who comes into the story in episode three,” reveals Yvonne Strahovski of her first post-CHUCK role. “She crosses paths with Dexter when she begins to help the Miami Police Department on a cold case. Suffice it to say, her dark past will slowly be revealed as the episodes go on.”

3:22PM: “This season feels as genuinely informed by everything that has come before it as anything we’ve ever done,” says Hall on how this sixth seventh season is currently shaping up. “There’s a real feeling that we’ve earned this arrival and new landscape and feels as rich as ever.” Adds Carpenter, “It’s very dangerous.”

3:24PM: While pretty much a fait accompli, Michael C. Hall won’t entirely close the door on the show continuing past its planned eight season. “I remember finishing the first season thinking we should probably just stop… what are we going to do now!?”

3:25PM: On a somewhat lighter note, Carpenter claims she would call the police right away if she ever discovered her sibling was a serial killer, while Hall would think it’s ironic given his day job!

3:27PM: “As an easy solution to his problem, the thought has to at least cross his mind,” says DEXTER executive producer Scott Buck on whether or not fans should consider the possibility that Deb’s life might be in danger.

3:28PM: “I’ve never had a better scene partner than Jennifer. Her generosity, volatility of her performance, sense of danger she brings to the dynamic, commitment. sense of investment, I’m astonished watching her.” says Hall of co-star Carpenter. ” For her part, Carpenter returns the favor by revealing that “Michael sets the tone for the entire show” when asked about what exactly the talented twosome admire about one another.

3:34PM: “I think we knew we’d eventually tell the story but because it so dramatically changes the nature of the show we didn’t want to consider it until we were closing in on an ending,” says Scott Buck on whether or not Deb finding out about Dexter was something the writers considered earlier in the show’s run.

3:37PM: “It was a little intimidating but it’s exhilarating,” Stahovski says on her transition from CHUCK to DEXTER. “I’ve watched every single episode in the three weeks since joining the show and now that I get to work with these these guys it’s a beautiful experience and I’m honored to be a part of it.”

3:39PM: In response to fans who remain on the fence about jumping back on the DEXTER bandwagon coming off what many have called the show’s most disappointing season to date, Hall has this to say, “Whatever your opinion of ranking the seasons, for my money DEXTER is never more compelling than when he is in trouble and never been deeper trouble than he is now.”

3:42PM: “He brings a real gravity, weight and complexity,” Hall says of Ray Stevenson, who joins this show this season as the heave of a European organized crime syndicate. “He’s playing a character who certainly has his darkness but uniqueness and nuance and he manages to convey it all in way that to the outside seems pretty effortless.”

3:43PM: “It’s certainly in our thoughts as we broke season seven,” was Buck’s response to the question pertaining to how much thought has gone into planning the eight and presumably final season while finishing up writing the show’s seventh.

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