'Touch' stars talk about their new show

'Touch' stars Gugu Mbata-Raw and David Mazouz discuss what makes the show's subject matter and themes of trust and unity unique.

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'Touch' also stars Kiefer Sutherland (r.), who also serves as executive producer and plays the father of a boy who has the ability to see strange patterns in number.

After hearing a multitude of wonderful things about Tim Kring’s new drama series TOUCH, about a boy who finds patterns that link people scattered across the globe, I was immediately excited to see the pilot episode. Upon viewing, I was even more excited about the series. TOUCH is a remarkable and heart-warming story of a boy who does not speak (misdiagnosed as being autistic), who sees the most extraordinary patterns in random events and numbers.  

Starring Kiefer Sutherland as Martin Bohm, and David Mazouz as his mute son Jake Bohm, the series is also a story of a father looking for a way to understand his gifted son. It is only once Martin starts seeing the pattern in the random numbers that his son is obsessed with that he discovers that Jake is struggling to communicate to prevent a series of seemingly disconnected catastrophes.

The first episode introduces a wide range of characters, whose lives and fates do not seem connected. But the farther along that Martin follows the bread-crumbs that Jake has left for him, the more he realizes that somehow his son has found a human-thread connecting them all.

With the aid of Professor Arthur DeWitt (Danny Glover) and a social worker, Clea Hopkins (Gugu Mbatha-Raw), Martin opens his mind to the possibilities that there is an entire world that Jake sees – it is a world of incredible beauty and human interconnectedness. For Jake can foresee the “butterfly effects” of the world around him.

Taking a few minutes to talk about their respective roles on TOUCH are David Mazouz and Gugu Mbatha-Raw, who share their joy in portraying such amazing characters on this extraordinary show:

As seen through the eyes of Jake, who narrates the series, and Martin, whose dawning realization of the amazing ability his son has, TOUCH will make you gasp with delight and leave fingerprints of joy in your heart. As aptly titled, the series will not only show how all our lives touch one another, the show will touch you too. 

To see the sneak preview of the pilot episode of TOUCH, be sure to tune in on Wednesday, January 25th at 9PM on Fox and Global in Canada. (The series will return on March 19th in its regular timeslot, Monday nights at 9PM)

Tiffany Vogt blogs at The TV Addict.

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