'Iron Man 3' is best script he's read in five years, says Robert Downey Jr.

Robert Downey Jr. says 'Iron Man 3' will be an opportunity to return to the character-driven plot of the first 'Iron Man' movie

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Robert Downey Jr. says the third 'Iron Man' movie will return to a focus on storytelling like the first film.

While there are many problems that were associated with Iron Man 2, it all began with the film’s script.

With Shane Black writing (and directing) Iron Man 3, many are hopeful this film will turn out to be alot better. Well, Robert Downey Jr. was interviewed by Extra (via Comic Book Movies), and gave his thoughts on the script.

Iron Man 3 is probably the best script I’ve read in five years, which is so funny. I mean, things have come so full circle that a genre superhero movie can actually be the most artistic bit of writing I read. But I think The Avengers is something a lot of the fans are really looking forward to, so I’m excited about that. The third Iron Man to me is an opportunity to go back to the kind of storytelling and character exploration that made the first one good,” he said.

Details on the script are being kept secret for right now, and the only thing we’ve heard about the film is that it will be different from the first two.

Matt Keith blogs at Killer Film.

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