Make your Halloween haunting with some creepy music

Three recent film scores can help set the mood for the spooky season.

Dream House CD

With Halloween fast approaching, what better way to get into the spirit than finding music that will bring out those old goose bumps. Some recent movies have perfect scores to help set the creepy mood.

This summer’s "Final Destination 5" has just the music, composed by Brian Tyler. The fifth installment of this film series tells the now familiar story of a small group of people who escape a dangerous accident only to have "death" come back to claim them one by one, causing each individual to meet his or her demise in elaborate Rube Goldberg-type situations. There is plenty of music to make you jump. The tracks I liked best are "Death’s Work," "Eye Can’t See So Good," and "The Order of Death."

Another summer film score that fits perfectly into the spooky season is the "Fright Night" soundtrack by Ramon Djawadi. This film, a remake of the 1985 original, is the story of high-schooler Charlie Brewster, who discovers his new neighbor, Jerry Dandrige, is a vampire that threatens his suburban neighborhood. As the dead bodies start to pile up, no one believes poor Charlie, who then decides to take on the vampire himself. Djawadi composed a modern score that occasionally brings in some old-fashioned organ music and a chorus to enhance the creepy chords. My favorite tracks are "A Terrible Vampire Name," "Gotta Light," and "Fright Night."

Last up is the score for "Dream House," currently in theaters. The film tells the tale of a family that moves into the perfect home only to be haunted by horrible murders that happened in the house years before. Composer John Debney combines simple, calm melodies with some eerie chorales. My picks from this score are "Footprints in the Snow," "Intruders," and "Murder Flashback."

So there is no shortage of good choices to start – or add to – your spooky playlist for a Halloween party.

Happy (Halloween) listening!

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