Re-release: Al Pacino and 'Scarface' return for one last raucous dance

'Scarface' will be shown in theaters again on Aug. 31 to promote the release of the film's Blu-Ray DVD.

Rene Macura/STR/AP
Al Pacino and his daughter, Julie Marie, pose for the camera at a premiere.

When director Brian De Palma and screenwriter Oliver Stone loosely remade the 1932 classic, Scarface, they went big. They imploded the crime genre, turning it into an event of epic, bombastic scale with tons of cocaine, lots of money, harsh violence and, of course, Al Pacino’s delivery of those flashy, quotable lines of dialogue.

It all adds up to the American Film Institute placing the 1983 Scarface 10th on their list of Top 10 Gangster films (the original is 6th, by the way). It also made Scarface one of the most admired crime movies for a generation too young to have seen the film in theaters when it was first released. Well, now they can. To help promote the September 7 release of the Blu-ray editions of the film, Scarface will screen in theaters all over the U.S., one night only, Wednesday, August 31, at 7:30pm local time.

At every venue, the movie will be preceded by a short feature about how Scarface has shaped and affected areas of pop culture, with filmmakers giving their opinions. You can check out more info and purchase tickets online directly from Fathom Events. (tickets here in the Boston area are $12.50 each). To get more details on the Blu-ray releases of Scarface, check out our special announcement back in March, including details on a $1000 limited edition that includes a cigar humidor. First you get the money… then you get the Blu-ray…


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