'Royal Pains' star Brooke D'Orsay talks about the new season

'Royal Pains' returned to USA Network June 29. Brooke D'Orsay talks about her role and the future of the show.

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Brooke D'Orsay walks the red carpet at the CBS Television Distribution TCA Stars Party in San Marino, Calif.

Full of enthusiasm and exuberance that mirrors her character on the show, Brooke D’Orsay could barely contain her excitement over the upcoming third season of ROYAL PAINS. She was only too happy to share what she loves about Paige, the Paige/Evan relationship and what may lie ahead for the two love birds.

When last seen at the end of the second season, Paige and Evan were embarking on a European dream vacation. As the series picks up nine months later, Paige and Evan return to life in the Hamptons still as in love and happy as ever. As Brooke teased, “They did go to Europe. We start a year later at the beginning of the following summer. So they’ve been dating a year now. The first year everything is new and exciting, but this new year brings complications for their relationship.” The balloon has not exactly burst, but real life issues begin to encroach in their cocoon of bliss.

Talking about the one thing that really stands out and describes who Paige is as a person, Brooke said that the word that best describes her is “benevolent.” As she explained, “[Paige] has such a good heart and is so generous. She always tries to act in the best interest of others.” Even when it may not be in her own best interest, such as hiding a secret.

Yet despite this altruistic streak in Paige, Brooke really admires Paige’s ease with life. She tried to explain it as, “I admire her ease – her sense of ease. She always does the right thing.” That instinct to do the right thing will be tested soon enough when there are conflicting things that weigh upon Paige as the third season reveals.

The growing depth and expansion of her role has even surprised Brooke who exclaimed, “I was really surprised! [Paige] was originally in one episode, possibly two.” The fact that the show has embraced her and the character so warmly and made her an integral part of it has been a dream come true for Brooke. Not only is the storyline going to take some surprising twists this season, but it has also offered her the chance to explore facets that she never envisioned.

Brooke also loves the rich and diverse wardrobe that Paige gets to wear on the show. She shared that her favorite costume piece so far was an Elie Tahari dress that she wore in the scene where Brooke said goodbye to her parents. In fact, she happily shared, “I actually went out and bought it! Caroline Duncan is the best at creating wardrobes. I don’t have to add any input because the outfits are perfect!”

Looking back over this past season and all the fun moments she got to be a part of on the show, Brooke said that the one moment that really resonated with her was when Hank said, “A person is rich who manages to do well and good.” She said, “It was the best line. I loved it!”

As for how much fun it is to work with her co-star Paulo Costanza, Brooke was just as effusive in her admiration of him. She gleefully noted, “He’s the best! He is so much fun and we have such a good time. I really do enjoy his company.”

Brooke is so happy with where her character arc is going, she sees a world of opportunity ahead for Paige and Evan. When asked if she thought there may be a wedding ahead in their future, she exclaimed, “I certainly hope so! I feel like it could go that way. I wouldn’t be surprised.” She also has thought about the wedding and what it would be like and speculated, “I think it would be non-traditional. It would be fun and youthful. Outside of the box but still nice.”

In addition to the fun scenes that she has with Paulo, Brooke just loves her co-stars Reshma Shetty and Jill Flint, who play Divya Katdare and Jill Casey respectively. They are bit of a ‘girl’s club’ and Brooke revealed, “I love those girls! We do dinner and drinks all the time.” She also said that it would be fun to have an episode focusing on the ‘girls’ for a change, such as “We need to have a CHARLIE’S ANGEL episode!”

Finally, for DROP DEAD DIVA fans, Brooke also teased that she will be making another appearance on the show in either episode 6 or 7 this season, which is a flashback with both Jackson Hurst and April Bowlby. So be sure to keep your eyes peeled for that special appearance as well.

To find out what secrets Paige may be hiding and what kind of wrinkle that puts in her future plans with Evan, be sure to tune in to ROYAL PAINS starting Wednesday, June 29th at 9:00PM on USA Network.

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