Marvel Studios follows Pixar's lead, the future of short films

Short films will be included as special features in the DVD and Blu-Ray releases of Marvel Studios' 'Thor' and 'Captain America.' Marvel may make more short films to boost their feature film business.

Marvel Studios/Newscom
Chris Hemsworth stars in Marvel Studios' 'Thor.' The DVD and Blu-Ray release of the film will feature a short film from Marvel Studios.

With their Avenger arc wrapping up next summer, Marvel’s been contemplating other heroes for the big screen (here), but let’s face it after DC’s Green Lantern coming up short: movies based on lesser characters in their canon like Cloak and Dagger, Luke Cage, Moon Knight and Dr. Strange are possibly too risky.

But what about short films in front of their movies or on the Blu-ray/DVD releases like Pixar does? That’s what Film School Rejects believe after Thor‘s upcoming Blu/DVD specs got released, and two mysterious features were announced – Marvel Studios – The Avengers (Bonus Featurette) and Marvel One-Shot: The Consultant.

From the source: Marvel Studios may be getting into the short film business to help boost their already bustling feature film trade. According to a source close to Marvel Studios, the company is setting some of their staff writers to developing smaller characters in the Marvel universe for future projects. These projects, only proposed as short films at this point, could lead to certain ancillary characters making appearances in future features or even becoming popular enough to headline their own film. What is certain, though, is that two shorts have already been shot, both featuring actor Clark Gregg as Agent Phil Coulson. These are to be included as special features on the Thor & Captain America DVDs & Blu-Rays that will release later in the year.

Sounds cool to me. Thoughts?

Jon Peters blogs at Killer Film.


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