Top Picks: The podcast 'American History Tellers,' Oscar nominees on DVD and Blu-ray, and more

Nils Frahm's 'All Melody' is the product of recording complex Saal 3, photographer Florian Nick's travels through Alberta and British Columbia yielded a beautiful time-lapse movie, and more top picks.

Courtesy of Nils Frahm

Co-starring space

Composer/keyboard whisperer Nils Frahm has a brand new toy. While planning to build his own modern recording studio, he stumbled upon Saal 3, a vast, 1950s-era recording complex in the former East Berlin. It was love at first sight – and sound. After meticulous retrofitting, its first baby was born, called “All Melody,” and the historic studio’s every nook and cranny, stairwell, and vintage echo chamber plays a co-starring role in Frahm’s sublimely intimate, sonically thrilling music. 

Unusual vegetable source

Those behind La Caverne got creative when they discovered there was an unused parking garage in Paris – they decided
to set up an urban farm. La Caverne grows mushrooms, endives, and microgreens. Check out
lacaverne_urbanfarm to see the farmers at work and some of the products that are being grown where cars were once parked.


Personal history

History gets more personal with American History Tellers, hosted by Lindsay Graham (not the senator). The podcast aims to depict events such as the cold war and Prohibition in a way that shows how the average person’s life was changed. Find it at

Beautiful Canada

Florian Nick traveled through Alberta and British Columbia, taking more than 50,000 photos, and has assembled them into a time-lapse movie. You can find the film and its breathtaking landscapes at


Oscars catch-up

Looking to catch up on best picture nominees before the Oscars on March 4? You can watch some of them at home, including Darkest Hour and Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri, both of which will be released on DVD and Blu-ray Feb. 27. Get Out is available now on DVD and Blu-ray. 

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