Top Picks: Putumayo World Music's 'Vintage Latino,' Michael Ian Black's podcast 'How to Be Amazing,' and more

Comedian Stephen Colbert returns for CBS's 'Late Show,' the app Life360 helps the whole family stay in touch during a busy school year, and more top picks.



Does the warming of US-Cuba relations have you imagining salsa classes closer to the equator? Now you can practice your steps at home before you pack your bags. Putumayo World Music has released Vintage Latino, a collection that evokes the nostalgic era of Mexican and Cuban boleros, son cubano and guajiras (Cuban styles of dance and music), Argentine tangos, Puerto Rican trios, and Venezuelan llaneras (folk music). Caribbean nights, here we come! 

Fascinating people

Comedian Michael Ian Black gets to the root of the creative process in his podcast How to Be Amazing, distributed by PRX. Author Elizabeth Gilbert, comedienne Amy Schumer, theoretical physicist Brian Greene, and others make up the eclectic but always interesting guest list. A new episode is released every two weeks. The free podcast is available on most podcast apps, such as iTunes, Audible, and SoundCloud. 

Colbert returns

On the Comedy Central programs “The Daily Show” and “The Colbert Report,” comedian Stephen Colbert expertly skewered American culture, poking fun at current events and making viewers simultaneously laugh and wince at his sharp jokes. Now he and his edgy humor are back for The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, with Colbert taking over the program from David Letterman. His first episode airs Sept. 8 on CBS. 

Family manager

Kids running to and from school, clubs, and recitals? Life360 can help you keep tabs on each family member. The smartphone app tracks your location and shares that information with those in your “circle” of trusted friends and family. Parents can confirm that their little athletes made it to practice, and kids can know that their ride home is only 10 minutes away. The service requires a subscription: $5 a month or $50 a year. 

Good cooking

Both a visual delight and useful guide to cooking with unprocessed foods, At Home in the Whole Food Kitchen, by chef Amy Chaplin, is a worthy addition to your kitchen bookshelf. The book has been winning awards and praise since it was published last year, and its tips and creative recipes make this a must for cooking wholesome family suppers.

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