Into it: Ann Wilson

The lead singer of Heart dishes on the thrill of Led Zeppelin, the 'Dangerous Book for Dogs,' and Christmas with the Coens.

Courtesy of Randee St. Nicholas

... Reading?

The last book I read was called Sway [a novel by Zachary Lazar]. It was a very dark, very interesting, intense book. I just started reading The Dangerous Book for Dogs. It's a take-off on "The Dangerous Book for Boys." So far I think it's hilarious. It's just really lighthearted. My dogs lie there on the bed and I laugh about it.

... Watching?

Mostly I've been watching all the screeners for the Oscars to make sure I saw them all. I really liked No Country For Old Men a lot. I love everything that the Coen brothers do. I'm really glad they got their big day, you know. I watched Bad Santa, [produced by the Coens.] That was pretty amazing. Yeah, Billy Bob Thornton is pretty perfectly cast in that one. I just saw Into the Wild. That was intense. I thought Ed Vedder's work was just great in it, too. I was pretty thrilled by that one. It's very intense.

... Listening to?

I listen to everything from all generations. I guess what's on my iPod right now the most is a Robert Plant and Alison Krauss album, [Raising Sand]. Boy, it's just got me in its thrall. Not only because it's Plant, but because I've always been a big Alison Krauss fan. And it's just amazing to hear them put their souls together. Before Christmas I went and saw [Led] Zeppelin in London. That was a thrill – it's really, really amazing to see [Plant] step out and do something that he can carry on with, that he really loves doing.

Ann Wilson released her first solo album "Hope & Glory" last year. She is currently touring with Heart. For more information, log on to or

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