A Canadian cop shows the world how to handle road rage

A Canadian police officer was giving an interview to a TV station when an instance of road rage occurred. This is how he reacted.

K.C. Alfred/The San Diego Union/File
A San Diego police officer pulls over a driver for talking on a cell phone on Friday, July 10, 2009.

“Both of you, grow up!… Come on boys!... everybody's a winner, don’t worry!”

This is not a school principal trying to instruct arguing pupils. This is a Canadian police officer dealing with road rage.

Police Officer Graham Williamson was giving an interview on camera to CBC News about a fatal recent collision in Toronto when a road rage incident broke out on the road beneath him.

The camera captures the two drivers standing beside their cars quarreling with each other as Officer Williamson whistles and yells to intervene.

“Now is the time,” yells Williamson. “Hey! Get back in the car.”

The road rage outbreak ends with no physical encounter, and eventually both drivers get back in their cars and drive away.

The video has been posted on CBC News Youtube channel on July 6 and since then has been viewed over 1.4 million times with hundreds of humorous comments.

“Canada's most violent road rage in history,” reads one comment.

“Some say he's still on that bridge, telling people how to be chill,” wrote another user.

Road rage, especially in areas with heavy traffic, is not unexpected. So how should one deal with a road rage? The privately owned website dmv.org has some tips.

When a driver cuts you off, take a deep breath and remain calm, the website suggests. It adds that you can’t control other drivers’ behavior, but are in control of your own. 

If you need to vent about an aggressive driver tailgating you, find an appropriate way to do so. The website recommends talking to a friend or family member about the incident to relieve your stress, or discussing it on an online platform.

And if you are drawn into an outbreak of road rage by an aggressive driver, the National Motorists Association Blog advises you to keep your windows rolled up, avoid eye contact, and get away as soon as possible.

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