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'Blizzard buddies': A good way to meet people, or creepy?

Those bound to be snowed in for a few days quickly post ads so they don't have to do it alone.

Carlo Allegri/Reuters
People walk up 5th Avenue at Central Park as it snows in the Manhattan borough of New York January 26, 2015. Winter Storm Juno has brought blizzard warning for New York and much of the North East United States.

With the entire northeast preparing for what may be a record-setting storm, people are stocking up on storm essentials, such as water, food, and ... blizzard buddies?

Business Insider reported that Craigslist has exploded with ads from people in urban areas looking for someone to keep them company if they get snowed in for a few days. Some are seizing the opportunity to look for a potential significant other, while others simply want to avoid being alone.

One poster, who identifies as a 41-year-old white male from New York, posted : “Food-check. Water-check. Shovel-check. Salt-check. Someone to pass the time with during the storm- _______.”

Another Craigslist advertiser seeks to extend his snow-shoveling abilities to help a “damsel in distress get out of the snow.”

“Getting ready for the big snow storm heading our way and not looking forward to shoveling yourself out? Don't worry I can do it for you,” the anonymous poster said in the ad. All he requests is a hot cup of coffee or hot chocolate to keep him warm while he does the job.

In an ad titled “Looking for a blizzard friend,” one individual has very specific requirements for any potential takers. He plans on going to their place, and requires that they have a strong WIFI connection, backup ethernet connection, their own Netflix account, great taste in ordering on Seamless, their own charging cords (the poster will NOT be sharing his), and cheese.

Those in fear of being snowed in have also taken to Twitter with the hashtag #BlizzardBae. Bae, which began as an acronym for “Before Anyone Else” is the newest term of endearment of among younger generations, and is now aiding people in not having to spend a day alone.

Whether you find a blizzard buddy or not, be sure to cover all your bases and take precautions to ensure a safe and snowy week.

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