Why Texas dads gave a school crossing guard a car

"Mr. Kent" has been guiding children across the street in East Dallas, Texas, for more than a decade. The Lakewood fathers of those children decided to pay it forward.


Since Nathaniel Kendrick retired from the City of Dallas 10 years ago, he's been guiding the students of Lakewood Elementary School safely across the street.

When he fell on hard times caring for his sick wife and his car was repossessed, the fathers of the children he guides every day, twice a day, decided to do something for the man they know as "Mr. Kent."

"He's a man who cares for children, while at the same time caring for his sick wife as her health, and their finances deteriorate," according to WFAA.

"My mother told me long before she passed, 'Take care of your wife.' So I try my best," Kendrick, whose car was repossessed last week, said.

While on the job after school let out, Kendrick noticed a car parked in his domain – the crosswalk. He asked the group of men standing by to move it.

"Well it's your car," said Russell McMillan. "Why don't you move it?"

Kendrick couldn't believe it at first, but after a few minutes realized what the group of fathers, who are part of a local community group, had done, and moved his new Mercury sedan from the crosswalk.

"Everything is good, I love y'all," he said, receiving hugs and pats on the back.

The fathers are glad Kendrick will be able to stick around on the job.

"I wouldn't trade Mr. Kent for the world," McMillan said.

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