American Idol: All 4 contestants are headed home but who goes first?

American Idol recap: After an evening full of break-ups, make-ups and dedications on Wednesday, American Idol turned its sights toward the business at hand: eliminating another contestant. Which Idol suffered the disappointment of missing their home town visit?

Michael Becker/FOX Broadcasting/AP
From left, Sam Woolf, Jena Irene, and Alex Preston perform on the April 30, 2014, episode of the 13th season of 'American Idol.' On Idol Thursday night, May 8, one of our four beloved remaining contestants headed home.

On American Idol Thursday night all would be revealed - and no, we're not referring to Jennifer Lopez's dress - but the fate of our four beloved remaining contestants. Flash to the Idols shoveling food into their faces and trying to sound as though they're having genuine conversation while contestant Jessica Meuse expresses how she feels about the others, "Y'all are all amazing." Who knew Jessica could be so expressive?

Host Ryan Seacrest then served some beignets to Harry Connick, Jr., to remind him of his hometown, New Orleans. Harry promptly started tossing them into the crowd, which made the stage hands very happy that the producers opted for beignets rather than crawfish.

But this being only a half-hour show, there was only so much time they could waste - namely 28.5 minutes - and the lights were dimmed.

First one to learn the good news was Jena Irene, no big surprise there. Following Jena to safety was Caleb Johnson - also no big surprise. It seems as though his performance of "Maybe I'm Amazed," was enough to make his fans forgive him for calling them "retards." Oh the heart is a fickle thing indeed. 

Then it came down to Alex Preston and Jessica and having just spent time in Mont Vernon, New Hampshire, chatting it up with the owner of the Mont Vernon General Store who held an Alex Preston fan day and bedecked his store front in Alex banners, it would be a lie to suggest that my heart wasn't invested in bringing an Idol back to New England.

In the end, it was indeed Ms. Meuse who learned that she was eliminated and if we're looking for silver linings, the pain of having been voted off resulted in the most emotional performance she's ever delivered. It was really pretty heart-breaking to see her chin quivering and the others trying to console her.

And there you have it, friends - just three contestants left before we crown our next American Idol. Until next week!

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