10 family films nominated for Oscars over the years

For many this year, Oscar competition has focused on the family films 'Hugo' and 'War Horse,' which have received so much recognition from the Academy – 'Hugo' leads the pack with the most nominations this year (although 'The Artist' and 'The Descendants' will offer stiff competition when the envelope is opened for Best Picture on Feb. 26). Scorsese's and Spielberg's films aren't the first family movies to get awards buzz. Here are 10 family films that have been nominated for Oscars in the past. For this list, we focused on the Best Picture, Best Director, and major acting prizes. As the "Harry Potter" movies can attest, plenty of family movies have been nominated for the cinematography and special effects awards, and the Best Animated Feature Film prize is often all family films.

1. 'The Wizard of Oz'

The 1939 film starring Judy Garland was nominated for Best Picture, but the movie was released during what is often hailed as the golden year of cinema, with many classic films coming out at the time, and "Wizard" lost to "Gone with the Wind." However, the film did win the Oscar for Best Original Song for "Over the Rainbow," which was ironically nearly cut from the film – one legend says MGM executives thought it was undignified for Garland to be singing the song in a barnyard. A reprise of "Rainbow" was filmed for the movie in which Garland sang it while trapped in the witch's castle, wanting desperately to go home, but the reprise, in which Dorothy can't even get through the song because she's so terrified, was cut.

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