Valentine's Day: 10 romantic movies to watch

Check out these 10 movies for the holiday

2. 'The Philadelphia Story'


Try to figure out who ends up together at the end of the 1940 film directed by George Cukor – the movie's final minutes keep you guessing. Rich Philadelphia socialite Tracy Lord (Katharine Hepburn) is about to marry a businessman, but a reporter (James Stewart) and a photographer (Ruth Hussey) are determined to get a scoop on the wedding – and Tracy's ex-husband (Cary Grant) has shown up for the fun. The movie's original tagline was the cringe-worthy "The snooty society beauty who slipped and fell – IN LOVE!" During the shooting of the film, Stewart improvised his hiccuping in a scene where the reporter he plays is drunk while talking with ex-husband C.K. Dexter Haven. You can see Grant desperately trying not to laugh.

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