5 films getting buzz at the Sundance Film Festival

Founded by actor Robert Redford (and named for his character in the 1969 film "Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid"), Sundance Film Festival is still the biggest American festival for independent film and is held every year in Park City and other Utah venues. Some movies have gotten buzz there, then failed to cross over at the box office or awards shows, but many films seen at Sundance have proven to be the next big hits – some have even been nominated for the Best Picture Oscar (like Sundance favorites "Little Miss Sunshine" and "Precious"). The festival also traditionally has strong documentary offerings, by first-time and veteran filmmakers. Here are five documentaries from the festival that already have critics and audiences raving.

1. 'We're Not Broke'

Victoria Will/AP
'We Are Not Broke' directors Karin Hayes (l.) and Victoria Bruce (r.) at the Sundance Film Festival

The documentary directed by Victoria Bruce and Karin Hayes examines corporations which are not paying taxes, a circumstance they believe that has the tacit approval of the government.

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