Alicia Silverstone's son 'Bear Blu' joins the ranks of creatively-named celebrity children

Alicia Silverstone, actress, vegan, and animal rights activist, has just had a son with her husband Christopher Jarecki. The boy's name is 'Bear Blu,' which is in the ranks of other famously unusual baby names such as Jermajesty, Calico, and Pilot Inspektor.

Zuma Press/Newscom/File
Alicia Silverstone named her newborn son 'Bear Blu.' Ms. Silverstone signs copies of her new vegan cookbook 'The Kind Diet' in Los Angeles on March 15.

Actress Alicia Silverstone made an indelible impression as a teenaged fashion victim in the 1995 film “Clueless.” Now Ms. Silverstone has had her first child with husband Christopher Jarecki. In classic Hollywood fashion, the young parents (who have unremarkable names themselves), have had a fit of creativity and decided to call their son Bear Blu.

It makes sense that Silverstone’s child is named after an animal; Silverstone is a vegan and longtime animal rights activist. Plus, the name "Bear" has some precedent. There was the famed Alabama coach Bear Bryant (whose real name was Paul). And there's Bear Grylls, the tough-as-nails "Man vs. Wild" star. He was born with the name Edward, but he says that his sister nicknamed him Bear when he was just a week old. Mr. Grylls and his wife Shara have three sons, Jesse, Marmaduke, and Huckleberry.

In a Tinseltown constellation with playgrounds full of kids with names like Apple, Jermasty, Calico, and Pilot Inspektor, Bear Blu may not have to endure much teasing. If anything, giving your child a unique name makes perfect sense in the entitled world of movie stars, who are reminded 24-7 how special they are. They can do whatever they want, and we just gape in astonishment and admiration.

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