Pia Toscano: What's next for ex American Idol contestant?

Pia Toscano, a former American Idol contestant, was eliminated from American Idol's 10th season last week, which shocked many fans. What's next for Pia Toscano?

Pia Toscano at the American Idol Season 10 top 13 Finalists Party held at the Grove in Los Angeles.

Pia Toscano's elimination from American Idol last week might have a shocker. But it certainly doesn't look like the end of her singing career.

Placing ninth on the 10th season of American Idol, the 22-year-old from New York was voted off, which took the judges and many fans by surprise. Her departure could be one of the most unexpected in American Idol history.

But Toscano says she had a feeling it was coming: "I don't know what it was," she told reporters during a conference call Friday. "I didn't feel bad about my performance Wednesday night, and I wouldn't change a thing. But you know when you have that feeling in your stomach?"

Getting kicked off the show hasn't been a bad thing for Toscano, so far. Interscope-Geffen-A&M records is reportedly very interested in her, and wants her in the studio as soon as possible to start recording. Jimmy Iovine, is co-founder and chairman of Interscope, a major recording studio. Mr. Iovine is also a "mentor" on this season's American Idol, working with the contestants in the studio. Is it a coincidence that Pia Toscano may be making a record with Interscope?

But according to ABC.com, Toscano says that nothing has been signed with Interscope just yet.

Record deal or not, Toscano will be touring with the rest of the Idol contestants. Normally, the Idol participants are too busy with American Idol commitments to make a record until the fall. But there's speculation that Toscano (and a record company) may want to strike now while she's a hot commodity.

Meanwhile, in the wake of Toscano's departure from the TV show, some are saying that American Idol voters are sexist.

When was the last time a female actually won American Idol?

Four years ago, when Jordan Sparks took the crown. ABC News also notes that in each of the last three seasons, there have been three male contestants in the final group of four.

Toscano was the fifth female voted off this season, and there are only two women left among the final eight. Many American Idol fan sites and critics say it's because young girls are the ones voting for the males. Others say the American Idol judges are pushing the audience one way or the other.

Either way, the controversy over Pia Toscano's exit doesn't seem to be hurting Toscano's career prospects or American Idol's ratings.

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