Kate Middleton: The revealing dress that caught Prince William's eye fetches $125,000

A see-through dress worn by Kate Middleton in 2002 sold at auction for just over $125,000 in London on March 17. The reason? Hearsay has it that the dress made Britain's Prince William see Ms. Middleton as more than just a friend, sparking a romance that will culminate in a legendary wedding on April 29.

Alastair Grant/AP
Charlotte Todd stands with her dress, worn by Kate Middleton during a fashion show in 2002. The dress sold at auction for just over $125,000 on March 17.

Conventional wisdom and online dating sites caution women against dressing too provocatively on a first date, lest they give the wrong impression. That didn’t stop a teenaged Kate Middleton from strutting about a fashion show stage in a see-through dress back in 2002, when she and Prince William were just friends at Scotland’s University of St. Andrews.

The knitted black-and-gold dress by Charlotte Todd fetched just over $125,000 at Kelly Taylor Auctions in London on March 17. Why so much for a bit of sheer fabric? Other than the obvious celebrity appeal, the word is: romance.

Rumor has it that seeing Ms. Middleton in a getup that showed off her trim physique better than a day at the beach made the Prince look at her in a new, more romantic light. No one knows for sure if that was Middleton’s intention. But sometimes it takes a brick through his window to get a guy’s attention.

Since then, Middleton has been the soul of discretion when it comes to her attire. Usually draped in some tasteful frock, she manages to show off her toned limbs while maintaining a tasteful appearance. Her fashion sense has inspired tastemakers, with the copy of her famous blue Issa engagement dress selling out in one hour, and replicas of her ring being sold on QVC.

No doubt the $125,000 dress will inspire copycats, but it’s difficult to imagine where a gal would wear such a thing in public without sending the wrong message to a guy – let alone snagging Prince Charming.

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