5 best high-tech Halloween costumes

Halloween is upon us, and it's time to think about costume ideas. If you're looking for the best way to show off your inner techie this Halloween, these costumes are sure to impress.

1. Facebook

Digital Dudz
The #SocialKing costume from Digital Dudz.

Want to get social this Halloween? Dress up as a Facebook page. This Digital Dudz costume is fully digital. If you download a free app to your phone, other trick-or-treaters can "like" your Facebook page, which shows up on the costumes digital Likes ticker. And partygoers can use a dry erase marker to put a comment on your wall.

Before he started Digital Dudz, Mark Rober was an engineer at the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA). Mr. Rober came to Internet fame after he used an iPad to create a "hole in the chest" costume. Rober left NASA and started his own costume company on in 2012.

"We spent zero dollars on advertising. We just had a YouTube video and that was it," Rober told Wired. "We did a quarter million dollars in revenue, just in three weeks."

All of the Digital Dudz costumes connect to an Android or iPhone through a free app. The app then animates all of the costumes, from creepy masks to Iron Man suits.

When asked about leaving NASA to make Halloween costumes, Rober told Wired, "It's a little bit scary. But at the same time it's such a cool opportunity. It's just one of those things in life, you've just got to see what happens."

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