Twitter's Vine adds video editing, saved draft folder

On the eve of its IPO, Twitter is rolling out a revamped Vine app. 

The Vine app will now allow you to edit and save drafts of videos.

Way back in January, Twitter introduced a new app called Vine, which allowed users to post short six-second video clips to their feeds. 

As of August, Twitter said Vine had approximately 40 million users (although as The Verge noted at the time, it remains unclear how many of those accounts were actually active). Now Vine is rolling out a couple new editing features to help increase the appeal of the app. 

The first is called "Sessions," a fancy name for what essentially amounts to a draft folder. Twitter says you'll be able to save up to 10 of them at once, via a new icon on the bottom right of the screen. 

The second feature has been dubbed "Time Travel," and it looks a bit like a mini-editing suite. Before it was introduced, users had little ability to perform any post-production work, as it were; you shot the video and slapped it online. With Time Travel, however, you can "remove, reorganize or replace any shot within a post before you share it," Twitter says. 

"Vine was built for one purpose: to make it easy for people to capture life in motion and share it with the world," Vine's Ben Sheats wrote in a blog post. "That is the reason we built the Vine camera, and it’s why we continue to improve upon and build new tools for your creations, nurturing the balance between power and simplicity that you’ve come to expect from us." 

The updated Vine app is available now for download on Android and iOS devices. 

In related news, Twitter, which is currently planning for its IPO, could make its debut on the New York Stock Exchange as soon as November. In a report published this afternoon in the New York Times, Michael J. de la Merced said that Twitter had "moved up the pricing of its offering by more than a week, to Nov. 6." 

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