10 great back-to-school apps

4. Quizlet, created by Brainscape

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    The Quizlet website lets users create their own flashcards, which can be uploaded to smart phones or studied online.
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Effective as they may be, flashcards can be a pain to keep up with. There are all of those little pieces of index cards, the rubber bands that keep stacks together, and the possibility that those stacks may scatter into a 51-card pick-up – or worse. That was, until the Quizlet app.

The application requires a little bit of synchronization between your computer and your smart phone. To begin, create a Quizlet account at Quizlet.com. From there, you can either upload a list of terms in a Word document or enter terms directly on the site. Meanwhile, download the app on your smart phone. The flashcards from Quizlet are then accessible on your smart phone via the application. Should you tire of your smart phone screen, you can also review flashcards on your desktop.

Recommended ages: Middle school and up

Compatibility: iPhone, iPad, and Android

Cost: Free

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