YouTube founders unveil new video app

From the founders of YouTube comes a new video-sharing app to rival Instagram and Vine.

iTunes App Store
This screenshot of MixBit shows the app's interface for saving, and sharing pictures.

The Internet is no place for modesty. Love it or hate it, there is a certain judgment that comes with the number of Twitter followers you have, or the number of “likes” your profile picture garners. And the amateur video platforms have been no exception to this. That is until now.

YouTube co-founders Chad Hurley and Steve Chen unveiled a new video shooting-mixing-and-sharing app on Thursday: MixBit. The pair’s digital media company, Avos, designed the new video app. 

This new iPhone app – Andorid version coming soon! – lets you record, edit, and publish videos.

But while apps like Vine and Instagram’s platforms have space for followers, “likes,” and “shares,” MixBit doesn’t include profile features or followers. Users can still share videos through Facebook and Twitter, but once shared, the videos become public domain, accessible to everyone.

During an interview with Mashable, Mr. Hurley says that he was turned off by the self-promotional nature of social media. “We want it to be all about the content you create and share,” Hurley says. In a way, MixBit is built off the same main principle of YouTube: content sharing, just in a simpler format.

To use MixBit, you can download the app from the iTunes store, and then can start recording, editing, and publishing clips up to 16 seconds in length, longer than the 15 seconds allotted by Instagram and the six seconds you get with Vine.

In MixBit, you can mash up different clips to create a video with as many as 256 clips – that’s 68 minutes of video. To record, you simply touch the screen and hold. You can then drop, drag, and rearrange clips at will, and save or publish them from your phone. And if you just want to play around with mixing, MixBit lets you create videos from other users’ clips as well.

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