40 iPhone tips and tricks everyone should know

20. Make Siri mad

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    Siri can get offended if you compare her to HAL 9000.
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You’ve probably figured out by now that Siri doesn’t respond well to certain directions, but at least she sometimes has a good sense of humor about it. If you tell Siri to “open the pod bay doors” – a command that HAL 9000 famously refused in “2001: A Space Odyssey” – Siri will retort in a number of ways, such as “That’s a rather insensitive thing to say to an intelligent agent” or simply “Sigh.” And of course, if you ask for her advise on what's the best phone, she’ll ask you if you’re kidding. But no matter how many times you ask her about her religious views, she will insist that humans have spiritualism while she has siliconism. Not only is Siri good for reporting the weather – she’s also quite the entertainer.

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