Top 5 ways to manage your many, many passwords

2. mSecure Password Manager

mSecure Password Manager is a secure data management software application that uses high security encryption.

mSecure saves and transmits all user data with 256-bit Blowfish format encryption that can only be accessed with your password. Since mSecure does not save users’ passwords, this means that no one other than the user can access his or her information. The application also has a self-destruction feature so that, in the case of emergency, you can destroy all traces of your passwords on your phone. The drawback to mSecure, as with many of the other password services, is that if you forget your password, getting your data back can be difficult, if not impossible.  

Cost: $9.99 for the Android or iOS applications. $19.99 for the Mac and Windows version. A backup version of mSecure, mBackup, is available for a free download for users that already have mSecure for their smart phone.

Where it works: This app has different versions for both smart phones and desktops.

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