Waterproof your iPhone or Android device with nanocoating

Waterproof gadgets without bulky cases. Companies now offer a nanocoating that wraps devices in an invisible armor 1,000 times thinner than a human hair.

Paul Sakuma/AP/File
P2i, HzO, and Liquipel say their protective barriers save gadgets from spills, splashes, and getting caught in the rain. Look for the Monitor's full story on these invisible wet suits. It's online now.

To demonstrate the effectiveness of its waterproof nanocoating, P2i applied the thin film to tissue paper.

In this promotional video, the company dunks the coated paper into water. It does not absorb anything. In fact, the tissue floats above the water, completely dry. The invisible barrier does not change the properties of the paper, according to the company. For example, the coated tissue still tears easily, and gadgets still vent heat.

Motorola called in P2i to protect the Droid RAZR Android phone and XOOM 2 tablet. 

Look for the Monitor's full story on these invisible wet suits, which is now online.

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