Confession app for iPhone approved by Catholic Church

Confession app: A Catholic bishop has given his imprimatur to an iPhone confession app that helps prepare penitents for their time in the booth.

Confession app: This image taken from shows a screenshot of a Roman Catholic Church-approved iPhone app that helps prepare Catholics for confession.

Think you've been bad? Well, if you're Catholic, there's now a new church-approved app out there to help you regain your lost spiritual alignment.

The app is called "Confession: A Roman Catholic App," and it received an official imprimatur — basically a seal of approval — from a bishop, a church bigwig. As the app's description stated, this "is the first known imprimatur to be given for an iPhone/iPad app."

The new app is designed to prepare one for the Rite of Penance, in which a person goes before a priest and confesses to sins in the hopes of a reprieve from damnation.

Scary stuff, perhaps, but not with the aid of this app, which is "the perfect aid for every penitent," according to its iTunes description.

To help those that are feeling guilty ready themselves for the sacrament of confession, the app provides a checklist of the Ten Commandments — along with mini-questions based on each — to help in compiling an inventory of malfeasance. The app even lets one add in non-traditional transgressions not already listed.

The app also features a step-by-step guide through the church ritual (which typically takes place inside a confessional booth), as well as password protection — so no one but the priest gets to find out about your dirty deeds.

Preparation for forgiveness does not come free of charge, however: The app costs $1.99.

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