PlayStation Phone wants the best of Android and PSP

PlayStation Phone, or at least a possible prototype, popped up on YouTube. The filmed handset runs Android and shares many features with the PSP Go.

YouTube screenshot
PlayStation Phone? A YouTube video claims to reveal Sony's next move, a PlayStation Phone with slide-out buttons. The body resembles a PSP Go. The OS is all Android.

We’ve seen images of the Sony Ericsson PlayStation phone since October, but today is the first time we get to see it up close and actually functioning in a video.

The video doesn’t give much away other than to show us the Zeus/Z1/PlayStation phone is real and styled to look a lot like a PSP Go when closed. Unfortunately it does look like rather a thick handset too.

There doesn’t seem to be anything truly unique about the phone other than that touchpad in the center of the navigation area. But a second short video does reveal a PlayStation app:

Does Sony have plans to release PSP games for this phone? Or is this a new section of the Android market containing new titles using Sony’s gaming IP?

Expect the PlayStation phone to appear in February next year.

Read more at Pocket-lint.

Matthew’s Opinion

My first impression is that this phone doesn’t look great. While the iPhone, and increasingly Android handsets, are slender, slide in your pocket handsets, the PS Move looks thick and heavy. Putting that in your pocket isn’t going to be the most pleasant experience.

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As for the games and PlayStation app, I would be surprised if Sony allowed PSP games to run on it through an SD card. That would surely impact sales of the PSP hardware and there would also be a worry about PSP 2 not selling as well either. It’s more likely that Sony will produce a range of Android games using IP of games already seen on the PSP.

I think I prefer that second option as we could see a new range of PlayStation branded games suited to touchscreen phones. However, the inclusion of the buttons touch area below the screen suggest any games produced by Sony may be exclusive to this phone.

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